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The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

Previous Design & Technologies Award Recipients

The O'Neill Playwrights' Conference Design Fellowship

Recipients of the O'Neill Playwrights' Conference Design Fellowships have been awarded a residency in their respective design field at the O'Neill National Playwrights' Conference in Waterford, Connecticut.

Scenic: Corey Umlauf, Emerson College
Lighting: Matthew Morris, University of Southern Mississippi
Sound: Avery Orvis, Suffolk County Community College
Stage Management: Jaclyn Drummond, Fort Lewis College
Scenic: Kristin Sabo, Savannah College of Art and Design
Lighting: Joel Britt, Texas State University
Sound: Joseph Roderick, William Carey University
Stage Management: Molly Burch, Columbus State University
Scenic: Meg Hanna, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Lighting: Steven Piechocki, Utah State University
Sound: Emma Kimball, Colorado State University
Stage Management: Aaron Alonso, Western Washington University
Arts Management: A.J. Orth, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Sound: LJ Luthringer, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Lighting: Chazz Malott, University of Michgan, Ann Arbor
Sets: Joshua E. Gallagher, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lights: Katie Gruenhagan, University of Northern Colorado
Sets: Hana Goff, University of Oklahoma
Sound: David Sanford, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Lights: James Eishen, University of Minnesota Duluth
Sets: Jeffrey Kmiec, University of Virginia
Sound: Tracy Cowit, Adelphi University
Sound: Forrest Tallbull, University of Oklahoma
Sets: J.J. Wickham, Southern Methodist University
Lights: Austin Bransgrove, University of Evansville
Sound: Patricia Cardona, Pennsylvania State University
Lights: Marciel Greene, Ball State University
Sets: William Boles, University of Central Florida
Sound: Theresa Huber, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lights: Jonathan Dillard, University of North Carolina- Greensboro
Sound: DavidHunter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Sets: Brian White, Texas State University-San Marcos
Lights: Kristin Hayes, Emerson College
Sound: Jason Knox, Purdue University
Sets: Andrew Farrugia, University of Florida
Lights: Shawn Irish, University of Arkansas
Sound: William Burns, Sam Houston State University
Sets: Karl Jacobson, Clarion University
Lighting: Andrea Corzatt, George Fox University
Sound: Brian Hill, Mississippi University for Women
Sets: Debo Orzechowski, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Lighting: Ryan Wentworth, Southern Methodist University
Sound: Jaciel Roewe, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Sets: Jenny Sawyers, University of Virginia
Costumes: Phillip Lowe, Utah State University
Lights: Erin Lorek, West Chester University
Lights: Susan Nicholson, Purdue University
Sets: William Thomas, Henderson State University
Sets: Vandy Wood, University of North Carolina- Greensboro

The KCACTF Awards for Excellence in Scenic, Costume, Lighting & Sound Design
(formerly The Barbizon Awards)

Scenic Design:
Ashley Strain, California State University-Fullerton
Honorable Mention - Jason Maracani, Oakland University
Honorable Mention - Corey Umlauf, Emerson University
Costume Design:
Julianna Reese, Oklahoma City University
Honorable Mention -April Gormley, Montclair State University
Honorable Mention - Melissa Valdez, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Lighting Design:
William Peterson, Weber State University
Sound Design:
Avery Orvis, Suffolk County Community College
Second place - Jacob Margolis,Colorado State University
Third place - Lindsay Worthington, Kalamazoo College
Scenic Design:
Kristin Sabo, Savannah College of Art and Design
Second place - Courtney Smith, University of Idaho
Costume Design:
Rosie Swanson, University of Central Missouri
Lighting Design:
Jacqueline Malenke, University of California-Riverside
Second place - Joel Britt, Texas State University
Third place - Kelly Rudolph, James Madison University
Sound Design:
Joseph Roderick, Williams Carey University
Second place - Ryan Brazil, Sam Houston State University
Third place - Anna Alex, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Scenic Design:
Kim Williams, Doane College
Second place - Tina Pfefferkorn, Montclair State University
Costume Design:
Fan Zhang, University of Connecticut
Second place - Maureen Freedman, University of Connecticut
Lighting Design:
John King, College of Charleston
Second place - Andrew Killion, Colorado State University
Sound Design:
Jessica Thompson, Mesa Community College
Second place - Zack Mckenna, Arcadia University
Scenic Design:
Jaime Scott Frank, University of Florida
Costume Design:
Stephanie Abby, University of Southern Mississippi
Runner-up - Robert Doyle, Suffolk County Community College
Lighting Design:
Grayson Breen, Emerson College
Sound Design:
Zachary Stefanski, Bellarmine University
Scenic Design:
Moon Jun Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Costume Design:
Adrienne Perry, Western Washington University
Lighting Design:
Jessy Henning, California State University, Fullerton
Robert Brown, University of Illinois at Urbaba-Champaign (2nd place)
Paul T. Kennedy, University of Mississippi (3rd place)
Brad Gray, University of Oklahoma (3rd place)
Sound Design:
Tracy Cowit, Adelphi University
Mark Caspary, Illinois State University (runner up)
Natalie Kinsaul and Kevin J. Peek, University of Alabama at Birmingham (runner up)
Costume Design:
Carlie Crawford, Middlebury College
Mignon Charvet, University of New Orleans (runner up)
Amy Schrag, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Lighting Design:
Meghan Gray, Colorado State University
Scenic Design:
Christopher and Justin Swader, Ball State University
Jeffrey Kmiec, University of Virginia (runner up)
James Tait, Portland Community College: Sylvania Campus (runner up)
Sound Design:
Joshua Fehrmann, Sam Houston State University
Scenic Design:
Jennifer Stapley Taylor, Utah State University
J.J. Wickham, Southern Methodist Univeristy (runner up)
James Maloof, Kennesaw State University (runner up)
Costume Design:
DeLisle Merrill, Western Michigan University
Cole McCarty, University of Evansville (runner up)
Brandee Jenks, Utah State University (runner up)
Lighting Design:
Elizabeth Anne Banks, University of Kansas
Austin Bransgrove, University of Evansville (runner up)
Robin Stamey, Arcadia University (runner up)
Sound Design:
Thomas Sowers, University of Southern Mississippi
Costume Design:
Marian Cooper, Temple University
Stephanie Kucsera, University of Indianapolis (honorable mention)
Mercedes O'Bannion, Mesa Community College (honorable mention)
Bich Do, Sam Houston State University (honorable mention)
Lighting Design:
Marciel Greene, Ball State University
Gregory Contreras, Florida International University (runner up)
Stephanie Malone, Linfield College (honorable mention)
Scenic Design:
Joe Holbrook, California State University, Fullerton
Nick Quinn, University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana (runner up)
Jessica Emerson and Emily Gorecki, University of New Haven (honorable mention)
Sound Design:
Patricia Cardona, Penn State University
Scenic Design:
William Boles, University of Central Florida
Costume Design:
Ingrid Proos, Montclair State University
Lighting Design:
Christian Contreras, University of Texas at El Paso
Sound Design:
Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Temple University
Scenic Design:
Glen M. Anderson, University of Florida
Costume Design:
Erik Teague, Kennesaw State University
Lighting Design:
Susannah Scott, Western Washington University
Sound Design:
David Hunter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ben Inniger, Bethany Lutheran College